Kira Chao

Client: Fjørde & Co
Client: Wayfair GmbH

Fjørde & Co is a home furniture brand combining a retro sensibility with Scandinavian influences to help you create a simple but cool environment. The logo mark combined the tree branches and a home symbol into a deer face. The geometric and linear style reflects the core values of the brand: minimalism, light and honest look.

Horizontal Signature

Key Characteristics:
- Straight and clear lines, smooth surfaces
- Focus on angular shapes, but also round and organically curved shapes, lending the furniture an extraordinary design
- Thin or tapered outwards pointing table legs made of wood or metal
- Natural materials including wood, cotton, linen and furs, as well as metal accents
- White, black, light wooden tones, pastel colors, as well as bright friendly looking colors

The Idea

Grid & Composition

Clear Space

Solid White Reverse Logo Mark

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