Kira Chao

"365days of Cacti" is a side project I have been wanting to do since long time ago. I draw a cactus everyday in a different style to explore different art techniques and boost my creativity as well as keep myself productive. I have loads of fun with this self started project - hope my fun looking cacti will also bring you joy :) Follow me on Instagram if you want to keep posted on my latest artwork:

Day 42
Naked in the Cactus Jungle

Day 41
The Plant Store

Day 40
My Neighbor's Window

Day 38
Cactus @ Alhambra

Day 37
Xmas Doodle

Day 36
Erotic Cactus

Day 35
Winter Solstice

Day 34
Cactus Burger

Day 33
Cactus in Snow v2

Day 32
CATus Lover

Day 31
Cactus in Snow

Day 30
Wool Yarn Cactus

Day 29
Cactus Ghost

Day 28
Fingerprint cactus v2

Day 27
Cactus the President - Make cactus great again!

Day 26
Cactus Donuts

Day 25
Cactus Gingerbread

Day 23
Cactus Gloves

Day 21
Cactus Jumper Pattern

Day 19
Cactus Umbrella

Day 18
Cactus Protection

Day 16
Picasso-inspired Cactus

Day 15
Cactus on Lonely Planet

Day 11
Yeah! Cactus!

Day 10
Fingerprint Cactus

Day 9
Minecraft Cactus

Day 8
Origami Cactus
Day 7
Pompom Cactus

Day 6
Paintbrush Cactus

Day 5
16bit Cactus

Day 4
Neon Cactus

Day 3
Cactus the Fun Toy

Day 2
Woodpecker & Cactus

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